MR2 (10-20-40)
MR2 (10-20-40)
MR2 (10-20-40)

MR2 (10-20-40)

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For the MR 2 flower fertilizer, the NPK (Nitrate / Phosphorus / Potassium) and micro-element balance is specially formulated for the highest possible crop yield.

MR2 consists of 40% Potassium, an important substance for good development and a big fruit yield. This makes the MR2 flower fertilizer at the same time a flower booster.

The micro-elements of the MR 2 are of exceptionally pure quality, giving the plant a faster more productive photosynthesis, which is particularly beneficial to the end product.

The MR 2 feed is a high quality plant extract that contains all the macro- and micro-nutrients that are required for optimum flowering of each medium.



- Sufficient presence of Potassium for a big harvest

- Sufficient presence of Phosphorus, ensuring proper root growth

- Adequate presence of Magnesium, which ensures optimum cholorophyll and protein synthesis

- Developed for an optimal fruit explosion

- Does not contain harmful dyes nor water dilution, consisting of only the purest raw materials, allowing use with a low EC

- Entirely bio-degradable