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Santhica 27


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Originated from France, Santhica 27 is a premium variety that is ideal for the processing industry. Its main advantages are its exclusively high-fibre yield and THC-free which makes it qualified to be grown in the European Union. Thanks to its higher fibre content and CBG-rich flowers, Santhica 27 also possesses beneficial medicinal properties.

Santhica 27 – perfect for humid climates

To achieve the best harvest results, this industrial hemp strain should be grown in a highly humid environment. Its full vegetation cycle consists of 130 days and first seed press produces hemp seed oil of up to 24%.


  • Type: monoicous
  • Vegetation cycle: 130 days
  • Height: 2-2.5m
  • CBG: 0.5-3%
  • CBD: 0-1 %
  • THC: almost 0 %
  • Yield in inflorescences*: 300-800 ha/kg
  • Yield in seeds: 500-800 ha/kg
  • Biomass yield: 8-10 T/ha
  • Fiber content: ~36%
  • Seed size: medium-big
  • Oil content **: 20-23 %



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