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Root+ Stimulator


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This is a completely biological root stimulator. Root+ is a high quality bio-catalyst that ensures optimal function of the leaf, stem, and root systems, as well as other visible and invisible growth functions.

This root stimulator is made up of oxidoreductase, transferase and ligase enzymes. As a result, both trunk and root growth are not only catalyzed by a faster ion transfer, but also by the faster movement and linking of minerals to organic building blocks.

Root + not only promotes the bio-availability of certain minerals such as Zinc, Calcium, Iron and Magnesium, but also increases the absorption of these minerals. As a result, the plant not only performs better but will also grow better and have a more intense color. Using Metrop Root +, helps improve plant strength and resilience.

In combination with the right growth and flowering food, Root + will ensure beautiful white roots, with many hair roots that can maximize nutrient absorption.

Characteristics :

– Explosive root formation

– Stimulates the production of hair roots

– Higher disease resistance

– Higher stress resistance

– Accelerated plant metabolism

– Entirely bio-degradable


1L, 250ML, 5L


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