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MR1-Grow Fertilizer(10-40-20)


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With the MR1 growth fertilizer Metrop, the NPK (Nitrate / Phosphorus / Potassium) and micro-element balance is specially formulated for the highest possible crop yield.

MR1 consists of 40% Phosphorus, an important substance for the roots, which provides the basis for the rest of the growth and flowering process, especially in the first few weeks.

The raw materials of the MR 1 are of particularly pure quality, making it possible to achieve a high NPK ratio without disturbing the plant.

Due to the quality of the raw materials, once solved, the product will never settle in the vessel or in the irrigation system, and once the MR 1 feed has been prepared with water the EC will not expire.

A high degree of pure micro-elements has been added so that the plants have a faster more productive photosynthesis, which is favorable to the quality of the end product.

The MR1 fertilizer is a high-quality plant extract that contains all the macro- and micro-nutrients needed for the flowering and growth of each medium.


– Adequate presence of Potassium, this is important for a good growth start and the firmness of the plant

– Phosphorus percentage of 40%, which causes an explosive growth of root structure and is important for the start of the flowering cyclus

– Adequate presence of Magnesium, which ensures optimum cholorophyll and protein synthesis

– Does not contain harmful dyes nor water dilution, consisting of only the purest raw materials, allowing use with a low EC

– Entirely bio-degradable


1L, 250ML, 5L


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