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Mam-Motherplant Fertilizer


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Fertilizer clone production NPK 20-20-8+TE


Mam is nutrition that has been specifically developed for mother- and seed plants because they have different needs compared to plants that only need to grow and thrive. Mother plants need to grow constantly, but also to recover from cutting, which often results in a weakening of the plant.

With Mam you not only make the mother plants stronger, but also improve shelf life so that cuttings are both stronger and longer lasting.

In combination with Calgreen and Aminoxtrem, Mam ensures the development of a strong, long-lasting mother plant.

With Mam, Metrop has developed a modern bio-mineral emulsion fertilizer that is well-balanced, bio-degradable and absorbable ensuring maximum seed and cutting production.


– Sufficient presence of Phosphorus for permanent root growth

– Sufficient presence of Magnesium for optimum chlorophyll and protein synthesis

– Provides cuttings with growth reserves

– Extra micro-elements to prevent cutting shortages due to flipping

– Adapted with Kelpak for optimum growth control

– Consists of only the purest raw materials and contains no harmful fragrances or colors

– Entirely bio-degradable



1L, 250ML, 5L


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