LUMii Black electronic Ballast 600W, dimmable


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Our LUMii BLACK 600w Electronic Ballast’s are supplied as a stand-alone ballast with IEC connection (output) Optionally available, 106395 cable with IEC connector. The ballast features dim and boost functions, giving you the ability to control the light output from your lamp to your plants. It has 4 switching levels: 250W, 400W, 600W and Superlumen Boost, which comes with a power of about 660W.
For best results we recommend using a LUMii BLACK or LUMii SunBlaster Lamp.

Length: 29cm
Width: 12cm
Height: 6cm

Technical specification:
Wattage: 600w
Technology: Electronic
Case: Metal
Power Lead: 2
Voltage: 240v
PF: 0.98
Running Amps: 2.9 amps




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