Eazy Plug®, propagation cubes


Eazy Plug®, propagation cubes, 77 pcs. per Tray, 53 x 31 x 3 cm, cube size 3,5 x 3,5 cm

Eazy Plug® products provide a perfect water-air-ratio, which provides an ideal environment around your cutting roots. Thus, they can develop optimally. Through this and through the ecological quality of Eazy Plug® products they are the best alternative to conventional substrates such as potting soil or rock wool.

Eazy Plug® products are 100% compostable as they are almost entirely made from organic materials, including Perlite, a mixture of peat, coco fibre, fertiliser and other components.

pH and EC Value
Eazy Plug® products have an optimal pH and EC value that remains stable even after water or solution is added thanks to the buffering properties of the material. This makes the products less prone to user error and easier to use.

Water Buffering
Eazy Plug® products retain more water than soil so stress situations such as dry plants are avoided. Cuttings grow stronger and roots take less time to develop. Thanks to its water buffering properties, Eazy Plug® products retain the necessary water for longer, even when there is a temporary stop in the supply of fresh water or when the supply has stopped completely.

Eazy Plug® products come with a basic fertiliser so your plants are nourished well during the first 2-3 weeks. You can also use your own fertilisers right from the start as the products’ buffering properties delay over-fertilisation.

Compatible with rockwool and other growing substrates
The composition of Eazy Plug® products allows you to transfer your cutting easily to a rockwool medium without any adjustment problems. The plants will simply continue to grow and the water balance will be maintained.

Changes to the cube structure
Just in case you’re wondering… the cube is meant to become increasingly sticky and hard in order to minimise the risk of root damage when transplanting. The intake of water continues unhindered, however. Even the danger of plant disease is minimised.




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