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Calgreen is a unique calcium fertilizer based on Nitrogen, Calcium and Magnesium. This elemental grouping is an important building block for the cell walls of the plant, resulting in a heavier more compact fruit.

This food protects the plant against 80% of the most common forms of fungi and disease. Because extra Calcium enters the plant, the ions of the other nutrients can more easily be released from the colloidal particles, resulting in more nutrient building blocks.

Calgreen plant food is made from high quality raw materials and can be mixed with any other Metrop product.

It contains all the macro- and micro-nutrients that every plant needs for the growth and  flowering phases.

Characteristics :

– The absorption of nutrients at the root improves visibly

– Perceptible strengthening and hardening of the plant

– Measurable weighting of the end product

– Optimal presence of Magnesium for the best chlorophyll and protein synthesis

– Does not contain harmful dyes nor water dilution, consisting of only the purest raw materials, allowing use with a low EC

– Entirely bio-degradable


1L, 250ML, 5L


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