BOKASHI Soil Enhancement 12lt


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Bokashi liquid is an organic biological soil conditioner that meets the needs of plants for fertilization, structure and biological balance of the soil. Its structural components are acceptance of animal and plant origin with the intention of beneficial microorganisms in anaerobic fermentation. The name Bokashi means organic matter in fermentation and the desired result is strong plants, delicious fruits without the addition of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals. It can be added to an organic and conventional crop. Suitable for indoor plants.


VEGETABLES: Dispersion around the plants, with or without incorporation 100-200 lt in 100m2. In a period of full fruiting, add 1-2 lt per plant.

TREES: When planting 2 -3 lt in the pit mixed with soil. In the basic fertilization, spread around the trunk 4-30 lt depending on the age of the tree.

POTS: In new planting mix soil or peat with Bokashi in a ratio of 1:05 to 1:15 depending on the type of plant. On already planted plants, add 2 Bokashi points superficially.

LAWN: Spread 1-2 lt per square meter.


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