AutoPot easy2grow


The easy2grow Kit is the only complete set in the world that allows you to supply your plants with water and nutrients without having to use pumps, timers or electricity. The water supply is gravity fed from the 47 L tank that comes included with the kit.
Simply refill the tank every few weeks while at the same time adding nutrients for the growth of your plants. Using this system, you can grow any type of greenhouse plant.

consists of:
– 47 L tank incl. 6mm grommet
– Lid for 47 L tank
– 2 x pot trays (rectangular)
– Lids for 2-pot trays
– 2 x 8.5 L pots (rectangular)/ kit
– AQUAvalve
– 6 mm filter incl. membrane
– 6 mm grommet
– 2 x anti-root foils (rectangular)
– 2 x marix foils, rectangular, to prevent soil from seeping through
– 6 mm tubes, 150 cm long




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