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Aminoxtrem Flower Stimulator


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This biological plant and flower stimulator is a high quality product ensuring optimal that function of the leaf, stem, and root systems, as well as other visible and invisible growth functions. This is a high-quality plant extract  containing all amino acids and vitamins that ensure explosive growth and top flowering for every plant.

Aminoxtrem Metrop promotes top formation while also stimulating certain enzymes and hormones, resulting in better leaf formation.

The amino acids are extracted by bio-synthesis, helping determine how many of which amino acids must be present. As a result, a mino helix is ​​only 700 DA long, compared to 10,000 DA of other organic products. Since a plant cell can only receive a helix with a maximum length of 1500 DA, this product ensures faster delivery which is clearly visible, especially on stressed plants or leaves.

Characteristics :

– Explosive peak formation

– Improved disease resistance

– Improved stress resistance

– Recovery of stressed plants

– Stimulates the production of hormones and enzymes

– Immediately absorbable, without the intervention of enzymes

– Entirely bio-degradable


1L, 250ML, 5L


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