Air-Pot® – 38 L, ø 42,8 cm, H = 37,5 cm


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Superoots Air-Pot containers have unusual walls consisting of inward closed cones and outward open cones (similar to an egg carton). The outwardly directed cones have an outward opening through which air enters the root ball. There are no flat surfaces on the insides of the container that could distract the roots. The inwardly directed cones guide the roots towards the outward open cones. There, the moisture is low and the proportion of air increased, so that the root tips dry out and are thus effectively pruned. The plant responds to this type of ‘air pruning’ with a branching of the pruned root and a stronger root growth, resulting in a denser root ball with a higher number of active, white root tips.The porosity of the air pot also creates better conditions for bacterial Activity and increases the availability of nutrient salts for the plant With this high root count, which extends to the stem, the root system is very efficient in its uptake of all available water and all nutrient salts provided, thus guaranteeing vital, powerful and healthy plants. 38 L, ø 42,8 cm, H = 37,5 cm


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