History. Plagron is based in Ospel, the Netherlands. What started in 1992 as a small earthworm farm is now a leading international company selling organic and high quality products worldwide. Plagron has been at the forefront of the market for a long time and their product range includes a wide range of substrates, fertilizers and additives. These products can be used by growers of any type and guarantee the best yield. The best thing about this high-end fertilizer brand is the wide range of products they offer.

Plagron offers:
 Basic nutrients - The basic nutrients from Plagron: Alga Grow, Alga Bloom, Terra Grow, Terra Bloom, Hydro A & Hydro B and Cocos A & Cocos B.
 Substrates containing and without fertilizer - peat, coconut or clay pebbles.
 Additives - these UNIVERSAL products can be used with all substrates and can be combined with all fertilisers. UNIVERSAL products are divided into boosters, enhancers, pH controllers, substrate complements and germination products.

A little about Plagron product lines.
All fertilizers can be used to grow any plant. By using fertilizer, you keep your plants healthy, and this can increase their yield. Fertilizer must be applied in a certain phase. For example, there is a special Plagron plant fertilizer for the flowering and growth phase. Because at Plagron you can find substrates as well as base fertilizers and additives to succeed in every phase of cultivation.

Plagron 100% Natural (green packaging): for organic plant growing. Choose a 100% natural line if you want plants with the best aroma and taste. All fertilizers of this type of cultivation are suitable for organic farming and horticulture (CU certified). The basic nutrients for Alga Grow and Alga Bloom are algae-based organic fertilizers. These algae ensure the healthy growth and flowering of the plant. It is very suitable for beginners. These products regulate the availability of nutrients to your plants and help to stabilize the pH level.

Growing with Plagron Terra (pink color packaging): the Terra line is for everyone who likes to achieve good results quickly. With this cultivation style, you can integrate it as you see fit, it offers a lot of flexibility. Plagron 100% Terra fertilizer contains minerals and microelements that ensure fast and complete absorption, a simple and safe growth cycle and healthy, fast-growing plants in it. With Terra, you can expect a high yield.

Hydrological cultivation with Plagron Cocos (orange packaging): growing in a coconut fiber substrate has the advantage that you can grow the plants in pots without the need to install an automated hydraulic system. This is the middle ground between growing on land and hydro. The coconut substrate acts like a sponge, it can contain a lot of water and at the same time stay airy. Plagron coconut substrates are among the cleanest currently available on the market.

Advanced cultivation with Plagron Hydro (blue package): the 100% HYDRO cultivation style is intended for the experienced gardener. This line is suitable for cultivation and maximum control during the cultivation process. As a grower, you are responsible for the pH. You can adapt the growing process to the requirements of the plant.

Plagron Universal additives for better plant development (violet packaging). Plagrona additives are universally applicable and can be combined with all cultivation styles. Keep in mind that each supplement works differently depending on the style you use. One of Plagron's most popular supplements is Green Sensation. This powerful product contains four different products in one bottle.

Core values of Plagron:
⦁ They stand for high quality products with a constant composition
⦁ In addition, the products have been certified by independent institutions
⦁ Most Plagron products are CE certified (Conformité Européenne, according to European regulations)
⦁ In addition, all products comply with CE regulations 889/2008 and 2003/2003
⦁ Organic Plagron products are certified by the Control Union
⦁ Substrates are partially RHP certified
⦁ Plagrona products can be identified by the CU or RHP logo
⦁ All certified products also have a test report

The team. Plagron's team of professionals consists of experts from various departments who are ready to provide you with all the necessary support, answer and take care of all your needs related to cultivation, production process and purchasing issues.
Plagron customer service is ready to do its best to provide you with the support you need. It doesn't matter if your goal is to achieve the highest yield, grow a completely organic product or get the best end product with smell and taste. Their team of growing specialists has extensive experience in growing and extensive knowledge of plants and you will always receive advice tailored to your situation.
Plagron is an active participant in exhibitions not only in Europe, but also in other parts of the world. So follow along and meet them in person.

In conclusion. As the company itself says: Plagron is for everyone; from novice growers to experts. Whether it's the best substrates, fertilizers or good advice, you can contact us. We are constantly working to ensure that you have the best cultivation quality. We strive to be a brand recommended and used by growers to achieve the best results.