Advanced Hydroponics of Holland.

Advanced Hydroponics of Holland is a traditional producer of liquid fertilizers and food supplements for growing plants. Located in Uithoorn, the Netherlands. A company with more than 25 years of experience.

History. In 1993, Jay Jackson, the founder and current director of Advanced Hydroponics of Holland was committed to finding an alternative to the fertilizers available at the time, which he and many other growers had used. Jay was looking for a formula that combined: ease of use, high efficiency and competitive pricing. To find a solution, Jay went to the experts at the Dutch Flower Nutrient Research Center in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands. In order to make the use as simple as possible, it was necessary to present the ingredients in such a way that they could be easily mixed, so that any grower could easily adjust the amount of nutrients they needed to suit their needs. So, the Dutch Formula was born! It is a liquid fertilizer consisting of three components that should be easily mixed: 2: 1: 1 during the growing season, 1: 2: 1 before flowering and finally 0: 3: 1 during the full flowering period. At first, Jay tested the fertilizers with many of his peers. The results were clear! Such results could not be achieved with previous fertilizers. After refining the formula, a retail store was created. In 1996, the Dutch formula was presented at an exhibition in Germany, and the high quality of the Dutch formula fertilizer, together with the growing demand, encouraged the start-up of a wholesale business throughout Europe.

The Dutch Formula line was soon expanded with a 100% natural Natural Power line that included a Root Stimulator, an enzymatic supplement called Enzymes, a Growth Bloom stimulator called Excellerator and finally a maturation product called Final. After the popularity of Natural Power, the next product Aqua system went to wholesalers and distributors.

Currently, more than 60 distributors in 22 countries around the world (including Russia and Japan) supply Advanced Hydroponics of Holland, and the number of distributors and retail stores continues to grow.

Dutch Formula Grow – used during the vegetative stage and is the best guarantee for high quality results and strong, healthy plants with juicy green leaves.

Flowering is a productive part of plant life. Dutch Formula BLOOM is an “energy diet” for flower production. BLOOM ensures that you, the plants, receive the right balance of nutrients to promote optimal growth of the highest quality flowers.

You will see that MICRO is the secret to success that sustains a plant throughout its life cycle. Dutch Formula MICRO consists of a strong mixture of chelated trace elements in combination with unique pH buffers, thus providing additional power and stability for growth.

By mixing the Dutch Formula’s mineral components with water, you will get a rich and balanced diet for your plants. It is suitable for any type of growing conditions.

The original Natural Power Root Stimulator is used by many regular growers. Roots Stimulator promotes the formation of new tissue directly in the root zone or where the roots begin to form. Thanks to the Stimulator, the roots develop faster and are much stronger.

This Natural Power Growth Bloom Excellerator mainly promotes the formation of green mass and flowers. It is suitable for constant supplementation of watering, as well as helps to solve problems with plant diseases and pests. Growth/Bloom Excellerator should be added to watering throughout the growing season, except for the last 2 weeks.

The natural product of the Natural Power line Enzymes element activates the microorganisms in the recipients during the growth phase. It improves the ability of plants to absorb nutrients and allows them to develop healthily.

During the last 2 weeks before harvest, it is recommended to water the plants without added fertilizer to obtain the purest possible final product. Natural Power Final Solutions also helps to break down and remove the last fertilizer residues in the growing medium. It also works to prevent mold.

In addition, there is a PH controller, minerals and cultivation accessories Aqua Systems, and kits Startersbox, Starterskit, etc.

The team. Advanced Hydroponics of Holland’s team of professionals also consists of experts who are ready to provide you with all the necessary support, answer and take care of all your needs related to cultivation, production process and purchasing issues.
What is the major reason behind long-time success of Advanced Hydroponics of Holland?
Jay says: our company is still growing and bringing top products to more and more customers. I am not just a businessman; I am also a long-time grower and, from my personal experience, I know what growers need. My main goal is to develop a product with a high content of nutrients that would be easy to use and affordable. Our basic recipe stays the same even though we have added a Natural Power line of products that includes enzymes, rooting stimulator, an accelerator of growth and flowering, and a preparation for harvesting phase. By keeping our approach consistent, we can ensure our customers that they can always rely on our consistently high quality.

In conclusion. As Advanced Hydroponics of Holland itself says, our fertilizers are suitable for any type of growing environment, and you can always be sure that you are supplying your plants with a complete and efficient diet. In addition, our products are very easy to use.

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